Bulk storage

O.B.Wiik has for many years provided solutions for mass storage in bulk. This can be salt, sand, gravel, crushed stone, soil, grain, pellets, waste and the like. It’s almost just the imagination that sets the boundaries.

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obwiik bulk storageBulk storage

Through our extensive experience and high expertise, we have developed the best storage solution for bulk materials. The O.B.Wiik bulk wall system can be used in all our storage buildings with a steel support system.

By integrating a bulk wall system into the storage building’s steel construction, a solid and safe fundament is guaranteed for the materials stored in the building. Our standard bulk wall system is supplied from 1 m to 4 m high, but we have supplied a bulk wall system measuring up to 11 m in height. O.B.Wiik bulk wall system is flexible and can easily be adapted to our customers’ needs.
The bulk wall consists of 98 mm spruce wooden beams with tongue and groove joints. This provides a very stable bulk wall that can withstand heavy loads from the materials stored in the building. Moreover, there is a sealed joint between the beams, which prevents materials from penetrating the space between the beam layers.

Prefabricated support system and precut wood provides short and cost-efficient assembly of the O.B.Wiik bulk wall system.
If you need to store in bulk and want the best bulk wall system on the market, contact us to find a solution that suit your needs.


The sheeting is manufactured in Europe and has undergone flammability testing in accordance with European standards with good test results. The sheeting has one of the highest levels of tear and stretch strengths on the market and is supplied with a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


O.B.Wiik’s warehouse halls with hot-dip galvanised steel frames are dimensioned in accordance with Norwegian and EU standards.

  • NS-EN-1990 Reliability Requirements
  • NS-EN-1991-3 Snow Loads
  • NS-EN-1991-4 Wind Loads
  • NS-EN-1993 Design of Steel Structures (in addition to national supplements)
  • Climate conditions –50 °C til +70 °C
  • Seemingly, an O.B.Wiik warehouse hall looks the same regardless of its location. We adapt our solid basic structure to local climate conditions.

Safe anchoring

The warehouse halls are anchored with base plates on most surfaces. In cooperation with the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, O.B.Wiik has carried tests to calculate the optimal use of tent pegs for direct anchoring in fields. If there is any uncertainty about the level of anchorage in the ground, we conduct on-site tests.



099 White

RAL 9016

Can be supplied without light transmission

820 Light grey

RAL 9006

Can be supplied with a white back

850 Medium grey

RAL 9023

Can be supplied with a white back

892 Charcoal

RAL 7016

Can be supplied with a white back

792 Steel blue

RAL 5014

620 Blue

RAL 5005

420 Green

RAL 6028

165 Red

RAL 3002

The colour chart only shows standard colours; we are able to offer more colours on request.

Important information

The colour chart does not provide an exact colour rendering, but an indication of the colour. Variation may occur.
Should you require a more exact colour rendering, ask us about our colour samples.

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