Pop-up tent

A pop-up tent, quick-up tent, folding canopy, or pop-up shelter some people even call it a party tent – regardless of the name we give to it, the most important thing is that it is a small, highly practical tent that is easy to set up and take down!

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The easy tent

When you choose a pop-up tent from O.B. Wiik, nothing is left to chance. We focus on safety, quality, functionality and design. Service is always prioritised with quick delivery and good follow-up.

Use cases

There are virtually no limits to what the tent can be used for – indoors or outdoors, as a sports tent, as a changing room, equipment tent, concession stand – one is only limited by one’s imagination.

Our canopy tents can be supplied with an optional design, from simple printed logos to full printing on walls and roofs. You can also choose from a variety of colours, including black, grey, white, blue, green, red, yellow, orange and sand. Walls can be set up as required. We have plain walls or walls with windows, as well as half-walls and door solutions.

Quality at every step

The aluminium frame makes the pop-up or folding tent easy to handle and provides a good, durable surface. Moreover, it is linked together into a single unit, with no loose parts. When collapsed, the pop-up tent takes up a minimal amount of space and can easily be transported in a car, and several tents can be joined up to form a bigger tent.

The sheets in the roof and walls are flame-retardant, UV-treated and processed to prevent water leaks; all seams are taped.

Do you need accessories?

The pop-up tent comes with a range of additional equipment, e.g. extra anchoring in the form of weights or sandbags for foot plates, foldable three-metre long counters, gutters, bags, floors in plastic or wood and extra ground spikes and guy ropes.

See our instructions on pop-up tents for 3 × 3:

See our instructions on pop-up tents for 3 × 6:

Technical information

An aluminium frames makes the pop-up tent easy to handle and gives it an attractive and durable surface. It also comes fully assembled without any loose parts. When folded, the pop-up tent takes up very little space and can often be transported in a passenger car. In addition, several tents can be connected to create one large tent.

Pro tent frame, 50 mm

  • Entire frame is made of aluminium 6063 T5
  • Outer legs 50×1.8 mm
  • Inner legs 43.4×1.8 mm
  • Folding system 35x18x2 mm with interior reinforcements
  • Connections in aluminium

Fabric roof and walls

  • Fireproof, DIN 4102 B1
  • UV protection
  • Impregnated to prevent water penetration
  • Taped seams
  • Polyester exterior
  • PVC interior
  • Roof material weighs 320 g/m2.
  • The tent can tolerate 8-10 s/m, but snow loads have not been calculated.


40 mm square leg profile in the dimensions:

  • 2×2 m
  • 3×3 m
  • 3×6 m

50 mm hexagonal leg profile in the dimensions:

  • 3×3 m
  • 3×6 m
  • 4×4 m
  • 4×8 m

30 mm square leg profile in the dimensions:

  • 3×3 m
  • 3×6 m

Walls and roof

  • Frame + roof
  • Solid wall
  • Wall with window
  • Wall with door
  • Half wall
  • Mosquito wall (not available for Standard 2×2 m)
  • Gutter


  • Crossbars/truss bars – not part of Standard 40 mm 2×2 m or Economical 30 mm 3×3 m og 3×6 m
  • Bag with wheels
  • Weights 30 kg
  • Sandbag 28 kg, without sand
  • Disc 2.86×0.60 m H: 0.94-1.10 cm – not part of Standard 40 mm 2×2 m
  • Plastic flooring per m2
  • Beach flag, including print
  • Base/ground spike for beach flag
  • Mounting clips for all models

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