In maritime/marine industries and harbour, special requirements to the protection of equipment apply. When selecting structures, salt water, weather conditions, wind and safety requirements must all be factored in. O.B. Wiik’s products are designed to handle the job.

The closest neighbour to the sea

WiikHalls, built with PVC sheets and aluminium structures, are well-suited to an environment with a tough climate and sea spray. The Norwegian customs and excise agency, harbour authorities and businesses are among the players who deploy our products in the most challenging locations.

The WiikHall ensures that goods or cargo from ships can be safely stored in harbour environments prior to any unloading and transport. Additional equipment such as dehumidification systems means that dry goods/bulk goods can be stored without risk of damage.

Marine industries

Marine industries, be it in fish-farming or other industries such as offshore and aquaculture, have unique, Norwegian requirements and experience some of the same needs as harbour traffic. WiikHalls located in harbours and near the sea have several advantages: they are quick to assemble, and easy to move and adapt in the event of changing requirements, such as changed cargo volumes or general growth and new storage needs.

The WiikHall can easily be adapted to fit transport, with ramps and vehicle doors and other facilities such as lighting, ventilation, heating and more.

Maritime products

obwiik fabric covered buildings

Fabric covered buildings

Our pre-engineered fabric buildings are the well-known WiikHall, built with a structure of aluminium or steel and PVC covers. It is a versatile structure that can be used for almost anything and filled with whatever one wishes. It comes in many different varieties and with a range of additional equipment.

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obwiik Insulated fabric builldings

Insulated buildings

Insulated halls are based on the standard WiikHall, and can be employed for a range of different uses. Insulated halls are equipped with an insulating sheet that makes all the differences and provides protection from cold surroundings. The result is a hall that will keep both people and goods warm.

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obwiik steel buildings agricultural buildings agricultural buildings

Steel buildings

A steel building is the closest you get to a permanent building without needing to build. The structure consists of a steel skeleton and cladding, and the building can house industry, agricultural activities, storage and much more. By including additional equipment, a wide range of uses can be provided for.

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