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We offer warehouses of all sizes which meet the requirements that the industry demands and expects. We can also supply customized solutions to your specific business. We have a long history in the industry and know that a need can arise quickly.

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O.B. Wiik – Warehouse buildings

We offer warehouses of all sizes which meet the requirements that the industry demands and expects. We can also supply customized solutions to your specific business. We have a long history in the industry and know that a need can arise quickly. Our products create fast, high-quality solutions that can be used temporarily for a shorter period or for a longer period as a more permanent building. If the need changes over time, the storage can be adjusted to that need by moving, expanding or shortening.

Do you need to hold a larger stock for a limited or longer period? We know that projects and situations can change quickly and then you need quick solutions. A business may suddenly need to stock a larger inventory of goods than normal, and then there is a need for a larger space. A construction site needs building materials that must be stored properly. Partly because of the weather, which can destroy materials, but also because of the security risk of theft. The needs can be many, and our department store warehouses can be used to store just about anything.

Insulated hall? We solve most things

You do not necessarily have to wait long for us to build the warehouse as we stock a number of insulated warehouses, building halls and metal plates with standard dimensions to suit most industries. The warehouses are constructed like standard timber structures and we have a long experience in adapting our products to specific needs. We can build specially ordered warehouses that meet all the requirements of your business. Feel free to contact us and hear what we can do for you.

We have over 100 years of industry experience, and our focus is always on the customer! On our website you can see several of the different models we offer. It is easier to get an overview of which model suits you best, when you can compare with different models. We are happy to help you discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various products and in choosing the right model.

We love our work and are happy to provide advice and tips on which product is best for your business. Our long experience has given us good knowledge of stock and what the industry demands. We use this knowledge when designing and building our products.

Stable warehouses – with many functions

Our warehouses can be used for many different purposes, for example as an extra warehouse for goods and building materials. We offer stock in different models with different length and width. In addition, our warehouses can be both expanded and shortened, depending on the needs of your business. The strength of our warehouses lies in the fact that they have several functions and can therefore be used for many different projects.

All industries are different and have different needs. When we build our warehouses, we start with the real needs that exist. We know that a work situation can change and that decisions can come quickly. That is why we build warehouses that can be adapted to different situations. In this way, we get products that are useful and fit with the current industry, as well as the situation it is in now.

When using warehouses in Canada, you need to think about the conditions that are here. One of these is the weather. We have a tough climate here, like in the Nordic countries, with external influences in the form of rain, strong wind, cold and snow. The right products are needed to withstand all these stresses. Several factors determine quality. We carefully select the materials we use to build the hall, and in this way, we ensure that our warehouses are of high quality. For us it is important that we can stand behind the products we deliver. That’s why we never compromise on quality. We build with good materials that last a long time.

The design of the warehouse is important

Our products can be placed where a need arises. Of course, it is important that a building does not harm the environment in which it is located, especially if the warehouse is to be used for an extended period. It sets requirements for design. Our warehouse has a neutral and clean expression which makes it suitable in most environments, and therefore does not become a more prominent element than necessary in the architectural design in the immediate area.

It is not only the exterior that is to be maintained in high quality, but also the inside is important. When we are at work, the working environment must be good and safe for all employees. The climate and the air should be good, and not least the safety. For us, security is a key point in the development process. We value safety highly, and never compromise on anything to do with safety. Our warehouses have a stable and durable construction for good safety and durability.

A warehouse that suits you
Whatever your business needs to use the warehouse for, we can deliver a product that meets your requirements and needs. We offer different models to suit the needs of companies and businesses. Our warehouses have different characteristics. Does your company have size, insulation or anything else? Contact us and we can guide you to the right product. If we do not have a finished product to suit your needs, we can build a custom hall for you.

If you are unsure which model is right for your project or business – our experts can help you choose a product. Please contact for questions and further information.

We have over many years gathered knowledge and experience in building warehouses. Our talented staff are experts in their field and are happy to help you.


The sheeting is manufactured in Europe and has undergone flammability testing in accordance with European standards with good test results. The sheeting has one of the highest levels of tear and stretch strengths on the market and is supplied with a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


O.B.Wiik’s warehouse buildings with hot-dip galvanised steel frames are dimensioned in accordance with Norwegian and EU standards.

NS-EN-1990 Reliability Requirements

NS-EN-1991-3 Snow Loads

NS-EN-1991-4 Wind Loads

NS-EN-1993 Design of Steel Structures (in addition to national supplements)

Climate conditions –50 °C til +70 °C
Seemingly, an O.B.Wiik buildings looks the same regardless of its location. We adapt our solid basic structure to local climate conditions.

Safe anchoring

The buildings are anchored with base plates on most surfaces. In cooperation with the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, O.B.Wiik has carried tests to calculate the optimal use of tent pegs for direct anchoring in fields. If there is any uncertainty about the level of anchorage in the ground, we conduct on-site tests.


099 White

RAL 9016

Can be supplied without light transmission

820 Light grey

RAL 9006

Can be supplied with a white back

850 Medium grey

RAL 9023

Can be supplied with a white back

892 Charcoal

RAL 7016

Can be supplied with a white back

792 Steel blue

RAL 5014

620 Blue

RAL 5005

420 Green

RAL 6028

165 Red

RAL 3002

The colour chart only shows standard colours; we are able to offer more colours on request.

Important information

The colour chart does not provide an exact colour rendering, but an indication of the colour. Variation may occur.
Should you require a more exact colour rendering, ask us about our colour samples.

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