Nowhere does protection matter more than at construction sites – be it for employees, materials, structures or expensive machinery. HSE requirements must be complied with; certifications must be in order. We know which products are the right ones in your industry.

Regardless how and where you work

Our deliveries to the construction industry has been a growth area and many of our products can be utilised in this field, including work tents, tents for tradesmen or covering for various types of work. We provide flexible solutions, which can be scaled up to the desired size. Are you working on a taxing bridge project? Perhaps a temporary hall would simplify work processes? Together, we will find the answers and the most expedient solution for the project.

Are you working on erecting or rehabilitating a bridge? Does the work need to be covered? A work tent from O.B. Wiik provides shelter from adverse weather conditions – and peace and quiet for the job.

Laying concrete and membrane surfaces, paving and marking roads are best done in dry weather. That is why this work is often scheduled for the summertime. However, with a roof over one’s head in the form of a work tent, these are jobs that can be done year-round.

We adapt the work tent to fit the project dimensions, and have a range of examples of customised solutions where we have adapted standard products to meet our customer’s unique requirements. Does your project include engineering aspects that require specific solutions? We will do our utmost to cover the entire work surface.

To put it simply: before putting up a roof, a roof needs to be in place. A temporary tent helps to keep the structure, insulation, electrical cables and pipes dry.

In addition, it keeps the crew and the tools dry and out of the rain and safe from wind, not to mention other weather conditions; possibly bringing benefits in the form of reduced sickness absence and less wear and tear on expensive tools. In other words, there are many advantages to setting up a work tent.

That is why work tents are often used when building new roofs or rehabilitating roofs. Our work tents have pad eyes to facilitate lifting and can be put in place using cranes. Providing there is somewhere the tents can be anchored, they can be placed directly onto the roof or onto scaffolding. O.B. Wiik’s specialists will do the calculations and identify the best alternative.

A key factor when laying concrete is the weather – but this need not be so. A work tent from O.B. Wiik means that you can lay concrete year-round, at any time.

Do you want the project to progress according to schedule? Do you want to avoid costly delays? In big concrete-laying jobs, predictability can be as important as the cost of materials. Work tents from O.B. Wiik can prove a profitable investment, since they keep water, moisture, snow and ice away from the surface where concrete is to be laid.

Construction products

obwiik fabric covered buildings

Fabric covered buildings

Our pre-engineered fabric buildings are the well-known WiikHall, built with a structure of aluminium or steel and PVC covers. It is a versatile structure that can be used for almost anything and filled with whatever one wishes. It comes in many different varieties and with a range of additional equipment.

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obwiik steel buildings agricultural buildings agricultural buildings

Steel buildings

A steel building is the closest you get to a permanent building without needing to build. The structure consists of a steel skeleton and cladding, and the building can house industry, agricultural activities, storage and much more. By including additional equipment, a wide range of uses can be provided for.

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obwiik tarpaulin technical textiles scaffold covers

Tarpaulins and technical textiles

We supply sheets, tarpaulins and technical textiles in many qualities, thicknesses, dimensions and designs. Tarpaulins and technical textiles can be used to cover or protect structures or objects. We also supply tarpaulins and technical textiles with print.

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