Aid and Relief

When a crisis first arises, response time is of the essence. Our emergency aid halls and tents are built for rapid assembly under tough conditions and are strategically warehoused in advance in locations around the world.



This aid and relief hall is 10 metres wide and can be built to an unlimited length in sections of four metres. The sizes most frequently used by the UN and NGOs are 10x24 and 10x32 metres.




A multi-purpose, simple and solid structure which can be used in many emergency aid fields. Quick to assemble – with the length you wish.


WiikHall Vision model


This hall is often used as the main warehouse or distribution point for aid and relief. Its substantial storage capacity, solid structure and the possibility of including additional equipment mean that it can house vehicles or emergency aid equipment, including food, water purification systems, tarpaulins, blankets, generators or water tanks – in large volumes.

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WiikHall Instant model


The Instant model is a WiikHall with modifications that makes it particularly suited to the provision of aid and relief. Quick and easy assembly make it fit for use in the field, and it is suited to a large range of purposes.

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