WiikHall Instant model

The Instant model is a WiikHall with modifications that makes it particularly suited to the provision of aid and relief. Quick and easy assembly make it fit for use in the field, and it is suited to a large range of purposes.

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Easy to set up

The aluminum structure is very lightweight, allowing quick and inexpensive assembly. Once assembled, the hall is often used as a permanent building; however, its flexible design makes it easy to disassemble and move if needs change – without incurring any major costs.

Many applications
The halls are often utilized as schools, workshop halls, warehouses or canteens. The range of uses can be further extended with additional equipment. The halls are supplied in widths from 4.5 meter to 20 meters. The modular structure allows extension of the halls to any desired or required length.

In the event of any damage to the hall, the WiikHall Instant model is robust and easily repairable. It can withstand the rough usage one often finds in disaster zones where emergency aid is needed. Experience means that we know what it takes – this is the very reason why our products are stored in preparation for requirements in warehouses all over the world.

Our halls are used for school, workshop, warehouse and canteen. (Illustrative image)

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