O.B.Wiik has everything needed to set up complete vaccination stations. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have contributed our solutions in infection control to test stations. In addition, we have extensive experience in delivering quality products for emergency and medical assistance and know what is required of solutions within this segment.

Complete solution
We can deliver full-fledged vaccination stations with all that’s needed to get ready for mass vaccination. It includes tables and chairs, partitions, plastic floors, tents, heating units, lock tents, fences for cordoning m.m. We also supply applicable infection control tents for outdoor and indoor use.

Adapted to your needs
Our solutions are flexible and can be adapted to the area to be used for vaccination. When you contact us, we work together to find out what is best in your situation and with the area you have available. We have several standard solutions that suit most purposes, but we adapt or can create special solutions if needed. For us, the most important thing is that your needs are covered in a good way.

Fast delivery and setup
We know how important it is to be able to deliver quickly and precisely, especially in this situation. That is why we stock a large amount of products that can be delivered and assembled in a short time. Thus, one can be operational and ready for vaccination not long after contacting us.

Safeguards infection control and privacy
With cubicles, fences and partitions, we ensure that vaccination can take place properly, even with a high volume of people moving in and out. This allows vaccination to be carried out safely, quickly and smoothly. But it is important that it does not compromise privacy. O.B.Wiik supplies partitions that protect those who are vaccinated from access by others. This means that even in a pressured situation and with many people you can protect the privacy of everyone who is to be vaccinated.

Protects the building
Many use existing buildings as sports halls or multipurpose halls for mass vaccination. In the worst case, marks and damage, such as broken floors, can cause the building to become useless for its original purpose after vaccination is complete. Any repairs and replacements can result in high additional costs. We can offer solutions that ensure that the building does not incur any harm from mass vaccination, leaving it in as good a state as when you took over.


Contact us for a chat and we can tell you more about how we will solve your situation and contribute to a safe and effective vaccination of the population.