“A group of friends who like the combination of race cars and social gatherings.” That’s how the Buldre Racing team describes itself. The team consists of several profiles and talents in the street car environment and they can even credit themselves with a world record title – the world’s highest speed on ice.

When they travel around competitions and motor events, they bring O.B.Wiik as part of the team. Between driving, the cars are taken care of in the depot, which consists of nine complete pop-up tents from O.B.Wiik. There, both cars and drivers are kept shielded from wind and weather. Six of the tents are also fully decorated with a logo. This gives a more professional look and makes them highly visible when they are out at an event.

“The tents we have with us are very high quality. The great cooperation with O.B.Wiik also gives us peace of mind when we are travelling around Scandinavia and Europe at racing and motoring events. We strongly recommend their products,” is the feedback from Buldre.

We at O.B.Wiik are proud to be with the fast-paced team looking for good finishes and new records.

Our pop-up tents are suitable for many occasions and applications. They are easy to assemble and can be profiled with a logo if desired. Read more about the opportunities pop-up tents provide and feel free to contact us and we will find a solution that is right for you.