SS Christian Radich is perhaps one of Norway’s most famous ships and a beloved symbol in Oslo’s harbor environment. Right now, the beautiful ship is undergoing a major overhaul which includes the dismantling of two of three large and heavy masts. This is work that is repeated every ten years.

The masts are rolled into a work tent from O.B. Wiik, where loose paint and rust are removed. 5 layers of paint and protection are also applied to the ropes before they are hoisted back in place. The tent is large and spacious and ensures that the paint dries, even with wild and wet autumn weather on the outside. The work tent is set up at Aker Brygge, right next to Christian Radich. So, the 1.6-ton masts do not have to be transported far.

One of the many advantages of a work tent from O.B. Wiik is that it is flexible and can be set up where the work is performed. Whether it is on a bridge or along a quay. Perfect when doing outdoor work that needs protecting from the surroundings.

We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to seeing Christian Radich on the fjord with a new glow.