Insulated fabric buildings

Insulated halls are based on the standard WiikHall, and can be employed for a range of different uses. Insulated halls are equipped with an insulating sheet that makes all the differences and provides protection from cold surroundings. The result is a hall that will keep both people and goods warm.

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The sandwich principle

The classic WiikHall’s insulating properties are the result of our sandwich system – an airtight space between two layers of sheets that also includes an insulation mat. The sheet is supplied in two thicknesses, giving U-values of 0.36 and 0.76. The insulation sheet lies on the outside of the steel structure, covering it like a duvet. The sheet quality is the same as that used on ordinary halls; the outer layer is 900g and the inner layer is 650g.

Rooms that provide warmth

These insulating properties have made the WiikHall a popular choice for use as sports halls, workshop halls, warm storage halls or production hall. The additional equipment means that the area of use can be further expanded and that the WiikHall can be an inexpensive alternative to a permanent building – yet offering the same or similar properties.

Insulated fabric building from O.B. Wiik makes it easy to keep warm even on cold winter days

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