Fabric covered buildings

Our pre-engineered fabric buildings are the well-known WiikHall, built with a structure of aluminium or steel and PVC covers. It is a versatile structure that can be used for almost anything and filled with whatever one wishes.

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Fabric halls from O.B. Wiik has many uses, such as workshops

Solid – all-purpose

The WiikHall, with its truss structure in supporting frames, can be supplied in different varieties. We stock a large number of arches, which ensures short delivery times.

Aesthetically appealing

For us, it is important that the hall looks good, and that its blends in well with existing buildings near the site where it is set up. That is why it is built with a standard gable roof structure. All in all, it looks like an ordinary building – and in many cases, it works just like a completely permanent building.

Flexible in use

The WiikHall is used for many different purposes, ranging from emergency aid purposes to sports events and other gatherings.

Ultimately, the name is determined by the additional equipment that is included, the business or the people that use it.

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