We set up a 1200 m2 warehouse in the Port of Aarhus

  • Fabric-covered building 20×60 metres in size and side wall 6 metres high
  • Rigged and ready to use in just two weeks
  • Solved the shipping company’s need for storage in record time

Iceland’s oldest shipping company, Eimskip, offers transport and logistics solutions. With 63 branches in 20 countries, they transport goods and manage logistics for major clients. From among other things, lumber, machinery and wind turbines. These operations result in a mass of goods that require a large amount of storage space.

Eimskip rents an area in the Port of Aarhus, and is thus unable to build any permanent warehouses. When the need for a new storage space arose, us at O.B. Wiik were chosen as supplier. Using our experience within storage and logistics, we could quickly adapt and erect a building that met the shipping company’s needs.

From several categories of halls, steel buildings and industrial buildings, it was a fabric-covered building that was the answer to Eimskip’s problem. The fabric-covered building was adapted as needed, and was 20×60 metres in size with a side wall six metres high. The steel construction ensures that the warehouse can endure any type of weather. In addition, solid materials with a good design ensure that the building has very long durability. And durability was an important factor for both the client and the environment.

“A complete solution was in place a mere two weeks after inspection. The only thing we have installed ourselves is the LED lighting. This is the first, but definitely not the last temporary building we buy”, says Jesper Sandahl, managing director of Eimskip Denmark. “At the start of the process, we considered setting up an industrial building in steel. We have no previous experience of temporary buildings in Denmark. But several of our locations both in Iceland and the Faroe Islands have many years of experience with comparable, mobile temporary buildings”, says our new and extremely satisfied client.

Our halls, tents and warehouses are constructed in order to endure extreme weather, and is therefore suited perfectly for here in the North. Satisfied customers are what we live for.