We are proud that our colleagues O.B.Wiik Denmark have delivered a fabric buliding to Ragn-Sells’ department in Nørresundby.

Ragn-Sells has a strong environmental focus and it is one of Denmark’s best facilities. Visionary recycling and the environment, combined with sustainable economics, are the focus when Ragn-Sells handles waste fractions.

Ragn-Sells wanted a new sorting hall and we are pleased that they chose O.B. Wiik for the project. The width of the hall is 40 meters, the length is 70 meters and has a wall height of 10.5 meters. The hall is 2,800 m2 and has an internal volume of 35,000 m3. The sorting hall comes with 3 quick gates and it is set up without a base or foundation. Since we were able to build the tent hall on existing paving, the project became more cost-effective. The hall was completed in 4 weeks from start-up to handover to the customer.

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