It’s a complicated project, but O.B. Wiik is always interested in a challenge. It is also one of the reasons why we were chosen when the Swimming Hall in Slagelse was to be renovated. We have set up a hall with covers that are 40 meters wide and 85 meters long and up to 17 meters high at the top. Inside, the swimming pool is also well covered to prevent damage. In other words, it’s not a question of a little tent.


The main contractor and CEO of Georg Berg, Mr Christian Berg, explains several advantages of using the cover from O.B. Wiik. The large black cover protects against rain and wind. The work on the swimming pool can therefore run its course, unaffected by the weather. It provides good predictability and good working conditions on the inside.

Good working conditions also provide the light that is mounted on the ceiling, which ensures a well-lit workplace. Especially important as we go into darker months. In addition to protection there is also free space at one end of the hall. This is very convenient as you can use this area to crane and lift work. As well as  storing building materials, which can be safely protected while the work is in progress.


Throughout the project there has been a good and productive cooperation between Slagelse municipality and Georg Berg and O.B. Wiik. And we are proud and happy to help give Slagelse a new swimming pool.