Lady Bowmore is a beautiful Furuholmen wooden boat that was built in the 1960s. For the past 15 years, a work tent from O.B. Wiik has been the home for the boat when it’s not at sea.

The tent is up in October and protects the boat from weather and wind until April. As she lives in Western Norway, it means not only a little drizzle but several days with gales and full storms. The instant tent is durable and can withstand a lot, at the same time it is flexible enough for the boat’s owner, Bengt, to set it up all by himself.

Bengt further says that he is very happy with the tent. It’s only now after 15 years in a rough environment that he has replaced the cover with a new one. That it has lasted so long is a sign of the great quality at a good price, he says.

O.B. Wiik offers tent in several sizes and with covers that are very flexible. They can be made both sound and heat insulating and are suitable for many applications. We adapt to your needs.