Before reaching you, it is likely that your nice, dry logs of firewood were sheltered and kept dry under an O.B. Wiik roof. Norway’s biggest firewood producer has 10 WiikHalls in use.

Solid wood

When it comes to enthusiasm in firewood, few people can beat the Norwegians, a country where people even write books on the subject. It is a commonplace that quality firewood must have low moisture content – but seasoning doesn’t happen by itself. Firewood requires dry storage.

Roys Vedsalg AS is Norway’s biggest firewood producer, and uses halls from O.B. Wiik for storage. Over the years, they have acquired a few of them – you can see the scale in the video.

Dry, good and safe storage

For Roys Vedsalg, storing the firewood is essential to the wood’s quality. Once it has completed the drying process, the firewood is packed into sacks, stacked on pallets and stored vertically. The halls must therefore have a big volume, and provide protection from the weather, wind and damp.

The WiikHall was chosen as the optimum solution, even though other players could compete in terms of price. The reason? WiikHall’s sheets and structure are of a quality that offer the necessary protection from the weather gods. The halls and their location, far inside the Finnskogen forest, provide the very best conditions for seasoning good firewood.

In addition to using WiikHalls as storage halls, Roy Vemundsberget has set up halls that are used as workstations. There, firewood is cut, split and packed into sacks. Thereafter, they get a roof from O.B. Wiik over their head.

The upshot is 10 halls in various sizes and configurations, all with the same mission: keeping you well-stocked with good, dry firewood.