The new riding hall for the Bjerke Animal Hospital is a solid investment – not just financially and architecturally, but also in terms of ensuring the best possible animal welfare.

When Bjerke Animal Hospital got in touch with us about their requirements for a hall, we were able to offer multiple solutions that would fulfil their wishes. They opted for an uninsulated fabric-covered building. Now that it is finally insitu, this building will provide the clinic’s vets and nurses a great space in which they are able to perform a comprehensive assessment of horses’ health and welfare – regardless of the weather outside.

‘We have the only MRI for scanning animals while they are standing up, and the latest technology in terms of other imaging diagnostics. Now that the riding hall is in place, we have a comprehensive offering that enables us to make the most accurate diagnoses we can before treatment or surgery. An additional bonus for our regular customers is that we have chosen to make the riding hall freely available for use in the evenings. This offer will also apply to other customers of Bjerke Animal Hospital. The best thing is to see the hall being used,’ says Tore Sannum, CEO of the Rikstoto Clinic at Bjerke, describing their new offering in a press release.

The well-lit, ventilated fabric-covered building measures 20×25 metres and was erected on a pre-prepared surface. The customer had established this custom surface independently. Tore Sannum says that the clinic is very satisfied with the result, and the riding hall is a valuable asset in Bjerke Animal Hospital’s offering to our four-legged equine friends.

As the official clinic for Rikstoto, there is a significant number of horses with both minor and major injuries who will benefit from the new facility. In addition to providing clinical services to Rikstoto, Bjerke Animal Hospital is also open to private horse owners, which means this hall will be well used. ‘This makes it advantageous that our robust fabric-covered buildings are constructed to withstand wind, rain and regular use – year after year.

Quality is just as important to us at O.B.Wiik as it is to our customers. As the biggest supplier of buildings in the Nordic region, this is what we do best. We have to be able to demonstrate that we deliver solid products each and every time,’ says Ingar Stokstad, Building Sales Consultant in Eastern Norway.

The team at O.B.Wiik appreciates that Bjerke Animal Hospital came to us for help with their new riding hall, and we hope it brings them joy over the years to come.