DHL’s staff no longer need to work outside in the open at Arlanda Airport. O.B. Wiik has now set up an isolated logistics hall that keeps both weather and temperature out. The hall is 35 meters wide, 72 meters long and has a wall height of 5 meters. It provides plenty of room for the logistics work that happens inside. There is a long conveyor belt in the middle of the hall where the packages are loaded in the waiting cars that park close by.

The hall keeps the packages dry and contributes to efficient logistics implementation. Not least, it also provides a good and comfortable working environment for those who work there – all year round.

Our insulated halls are based on WiikHallen and can be delivered in several models, or specially designed according to your needs. Insulated halls open up many new applications and are designed to cope with the most severe conditions.

Feel free to contact us for a chat. Then together we find out how an insulated hall can solve your challenges.