Many companies lease warehouse facilities at Borg Harbour in Østfold. The company in charge of harbour operations has therefore selected warehouse buildings from O.B. Wiik to provide flexible facilities customised to the different lessees.

– An excellent and rapod solution

Borg Harbour provides harbour facilities for both Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg municipalities. In the space of one year, the company handles more than 1.5 million tonnes of commodities. The company’s lessees come from a wide variety of industries, from iron and steel products to general cargo, wet and dry bulk, agricultural and forestry products.

Such a wide range of products places high requirements on storage capacity and facilities. Borg Harbour has two terminals, one in Øra (Fredrikstad) and the second in Alvim (Sarpsborg), and has installed six fabric covered buildings from O.B. Wiik at the terminals.

“Fabric covered buildings are an excellent solution for us in terms of land use. They are also quick to erect, comments Technical Director Pål Erling Johnsen.

Best on price, flexibility and quality

Since 2012, the Borg Harbour terminals have ordered new fabric covered buildings from O.B. Wiik. They have been chosen due to best price in combination with several other criteria:

“In open competitions, we focus on price but also references, delivery time and quality, confirms Pål Erling Johnsen.

At the same time, he highlights that the warehouse buildings have to be adapted to the requirements of the individual customer. “Customers always have requirements for a certain size, varying solutions in terms of doors, lighting, ceiling height, fans etc. Considering that each new WiikHallen building erected is based on individual charting and adaptations for different customers, we can feel safe in the knowledge that the WiikHallen buildings and accessories have been developed to meet these requirements.”

Specially designed for optimal solutions

The perfect example of this can be found in the last three fabric covered buildings delivered by O.B. Wiik to Borg Harbour. These have been specially designed for project cargo for Nexans Norway AS, a leading supplier of power, telecommunications, installation and heating cables in Norway.

“Our collaboration with O.B. Wiik has been excellent from the get go, right from the tender process and throughout the contractual phase. We have always been able to reach good solutions that are acceptable to our lessees. When designing the Nexans buildings, the lessee was involved in the process, together with the contractor, to identify the optimal solution,” concludes Pål Erling Johnsen.

NOK 1 billion allocated to developments

In April 2017, following on from the introduction of a new national transport plan, an allocation of NOK 1 billion was adopted for the development of Borg Harbour. The purpose of the development is to ensure that large cargo ships can safely call into the harbours without the risk of running aground. The production of goods represents a major industry in Østfold, and a large volume of these goods are transported by waterways and sea.