It is not every day that one is able to take part in celebrating a 150-year old’s birthday. See how the magnificent celebration of DNV GL was done – in a truly unique and spectacular party venue.

Pulling out all the stops

DNV GL is best known for certification of structures and ensuring that they meet requirements.

In other words, when O.B. Wiik took on the job of preparing the venue for DNV GL’s 150th anniversary there was no room for mistakes. Our job? Rigging up an enormous venue with stages, screens, lights and room for 1,500 attendees – on top of three barges!

The task was one of a kind and we did ourselves proud. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

Few players

When it comes to such projects, everything hinges on the ability to get the job done. When DNV GL was in the market for someone who would be able to do the job, they quickly reached the conclusion that the event firm Gyro and O.B. Wiik would be the right team for the job.

Gyro combines unique expertise and a network to create the event itself, and put together a package consisting of performers, entertainment, and catering to create memories for life.

O.B. Wiik’s contribution was to put together the entire event venue and all of the facilities such as rigging the stage, toilets, sheet cladding, premises for preparing food, chairs and tables – in short, everything needed to create a good event. For DNV GL, our ability to supply the necessary volumes, quantities and the trust in our ability to deliver, were decisive. Our role in major events such as the Norway Cup, the Øya Festival and numerous other major gatherings has given us a proven track record.