Norway can be an inhospitable country when it comes to the weather. Not only can our winters be cold; we also have to be prepared for sudden rain showers and wind during the summer. This can be problematic for tradespersons, unless they have cover under a tent from O.B. Wiik.

Our Pop-Up tents are designed for simple and rapid installation but are strong enough to withstand the Norwegian climate:

“We decided to use a tradespersons tent from O.B. Wiik,” explains carpenter Simen Svenberg from the building firm Byggmester Thore Svenberg. “It is very practical to use, easy to erect and take down again and pack into the back of the van if you are only working on a small job. If it’s raining and we have to use some of our more expensive tools, it’s great to have a tent to work under.”

Different sizes of tents – with or without walls

We have developed a range of Popo-Up tents with a view to full flexibility. Our tents are low in weight and they can be erected in only a few minutes. When taken down and packed away, the tents do not take up a lot of space and are therefore easy to transport from one job to the next. In addition, you can add side walls if required, fitted using zips and Velcro.

“There are also hooks on the supports you can use if there is a lot of wind to make the tent more stable,” explains Simen Svenberg.

Visible profiling on the tent

Simen Svenberg’s colleague, Halvor Bjerke, agrees with him and draws our attention to the company logo on the tent:

“We ordered a tent with our company logo on it, and were able to specify the size of the logo ourselves,” he explains.

The company logo leaves you in no doubt who is doing the building work and may attract new contracts from neighbours and passers-by who are impressed by our work:

“The company logo is very visible, and this is important not least for profiling purposes with new customers,” Simen Svenberg adds.

An orderly workplace

The Pop-Up tents does not only provide cover from the elements, but also keep the workplace organised and tidy.

“Tidiness and having plenty of space on building projects is very important. We can keep all our tools in order in one place under our tent, keeping our workplace well-organised and tidy,” concludes Halvor Bjerke.

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